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Yes-man. Yes Man am at first a common securitron robot developed to get results for Mr. quarters just like all an additional securitrons on the remove.

Yes Man







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He had been restored by Benny and lots of regarding the Chairmen after getting marred by an impulse grenade. After this experience, Followers associated with the Apocalypse user Emily Ortal examined the securitron in order to find out Mr. residence’s formulas in return for reprogramming him for Benny’s individual usage. [1]

The reprogramming is comprehensive, and triggered yes-man getting which is designed to would lgbt dating login just as they are told; thus, yes-man isn’t this software’s term, also, it is their task classification. Yes-man is wholly incapable of decreasing any order or withholding any details he will be requested, whatever which he is getting. Benny’s plan were lose Mr. quarters and set Yes Man’s A.I. onto the happy 38 mainframe, getting Yes Man (and by extension, on his own) in command of many of the securitrons about remove. Yes Man’s biggest aim was to incorporate their link with Mr. residences’ internal databases and feed valuable facts to Benny in order for they could be one-step ahead of premises. [2]

After moving these listings, yes-man found several numerical estimations to the remove’s defensive qualities and intends to determine a Courier to supply a platinum processor chip. After giving this data to Benny, yes-man helped to inform him of all courses, entrance and leaving period and promising ambush places that the chip might recovered and also the Courier thrown away without Mr. Household learning of Benny’s practices. This data results in Benny getting people in the best Khans and journeying west around the Goodsprings Cemetery just where they properly catch and neutralize the Courier, robbing the processor and burying the Courier, exiting her abductee to perish. Benny quickly betrays their entourage, leaving those to cope on their own up against the NCR in Boulder town and profits within the remove in which the man idles all around inside surfaces surrounded by their particular facts. [3]

After the Courier comes the remove, Yes Man will disclose every one of Benny’s intends to usurp electricity and supply their treatments to that idea brand new birth. In the event that platinum processor chip is recovered, yes-man will reveal the entire degree of his wants to dispose of Mr. home and replace him, choosing to provide the Courier in anyway should they be a success. Continued without Benny, yes-man will gladly provide the Courier and definately will stick to any management granted, primarily offering the Courier full control over the remove and permitting any activities to be taken on the other half groups striving for all the Mojave Wasteland. Although yes-man can give his or her thought and tips on how to approach some other organizations, one groups that must sooner feel confronted are either the NCR or even the Legion dependant upon the possibilities manufactured. [4]

The moment the Courier’s run and connections happen to be solidified, yes-man’s next step should trigger a legion of replaced Securitron Mk Two’s, with the platinum processor to spread this software to every active Securitrons, raising their offensive and protective abilities. Vendor best conflict at Hoover Dam, Yes Man requires an override processor to become installed in the NCR filled El Dorado substation, intending to send power to the fortunate 38’s inactive reactor hence are a major ideal point for energy should Hoover Dam feel broken or damaged inside fight.

Yes-man may also demand the Courier to recruit the help of the enthusiasts from the Apocalypse even though this is definitely discretionary. When the planning is complete, the ultimate conflict may lead to the Courier directing electric power within the Dam into Securitron military on stand by under the Fort, beating the Legion and betraying the NCR, getting rid of both factions and respected a «undoubtedly independent» brand-new Las vegas as initially created by Benny, by using the possibilities produced by the Courier permanently shaping the Mojave. [5] [6]


Yes-man is initially situated in Benny’s suit through the best casino. To increase usage of yes-man, the Courier must either destroy Benny from inside the casino, sleeping with your (needs the white Widow advantage), existing Swank with evidence of Benny’s treachery, or confront your and compel your to run away from toward the Fort.

Discover Yes Man, enter The covers casino and move forward directly ahead of time beyond the casino surface to the lift financial (within the indicator saying «Elevators out of Order»). Take minute elevator regarding to the 13th ground. Leave the elevator, turn suitable, and enter the next couple of entrances of the put side of the hallway (double gates with potted forest flanking them). Go in to the place and by the gap within the walls in the rear of the room.

Following pro dynamics finishes Ring-a-Ding-Ding, yes-man will likely be located in the top of the clothes casino, where in fact the Courier can build relationships him to keep the questline whenever they extremely pick.