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Viewing link to me on origins users?

Really does any individual see whether you will find an environment on Ancestry to regulate perhaps the «view relationship to me personally» concerts on profiles?

John Smyth (below) are my fifth great grandfather, and until lately that has been created under their name on their visibility page, where it may be clicked to tell myself of our own intervening ancestors/descendants.

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Recap: this feature had previously been invoked in «Timeless Ancestry» by clicking a link beneath the name of the individual on their visibility header:

The «View relationship to me» connect made an Vanilla Umbrella quizzes appearance on woods which in fact had someone’s label designated as «Who you are inside tree» from the Tree options webpage.

If the user clicked the link, the connection compared to that individual will be calculated, while the website link would change to an union descriptor such as for instance «your great-aunt», that will be «sticky» unless you altered anyone selected whenever. If there seemed to be no person specified, the web link wouldn’t show up.

However, because the changeover on ‘unique origins’ in 2015, the calculator will not be operating reliably. On a single visibility as picture above, the hyperlink for the commitment calculator does not seem. We examined a number of the pages which previously performed program a relationship, therefore the lines aided by the partnership commonly showing. Presumably in the event the element was functioning, they will come immediately under the title of the individual as well as their public record information, equally they did before.

Ancestry keeps accepted that users are reporting trouble on the website inside the ability Updates the following (discover link to myself string try arbitrarily perhaps not showing up):

By the December 11th Feature Update, fixing the Relationship Calculator hadn’t however came out one of several affairs origins is concentrating on.

Observe that in the commentary, individual Jim Ackerman uploaded on December 20, 2015 at 8:56 pm:

Simply wanted to include that I as well have always been waiting around for the connection calculator in order to get repaired. I reported this dilemma period before. I hope it cann’t get provided that to repair this as phantom tips difficulties.

and PolyGeo only posted:

Kindly article commentary throughout the origins blogs — and keep posting these with each brand-new feature upgrade. They’re not going to restore the characteristics that individuals got in Classic origins unless folks require they.

Information from Crista Cowan when you look at the chatroom after this (22 Dec 2015) live broadcast of the lady Barefoot Genealogist talk:

The relationship calculator is fixed and released on the web site yesterday day. If you still do not see it, you may be working down a vintage cache of the webpage. Evident cache and snacks and view if that support.

On 23 Dec 2015 the «relationship if you ask me» seemingly have returned to the visibility in concern:

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