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The Grindr grifter: Love rodent swindles people the guy satisfied on gay matchmaking app

Elie Bumba traveled around unique Zealand wooing and conference males the guy satisfied through various dating programs. He then took what earnings, cards alongside items he could get from them.

It was a way of living of deception and duplicity that gained the Hamilton 22-year-old about $24,000 in illegal takings and, eventually, a 22-month stretch in jail.

But his unwitting times were not the only real sufferers of Elie Dongala Bumba’s penchant for pinching revenue that didn’t participate in him. Flatmates plus his own grandma turned into their goals. In total the guy cheated or stole from 13 men and women or organisations.

Bumba’s tale is unveiled at their sentencing inside the Hamilton section judge on Tuesday, where he appeared on a raft of charges such as leading to reduction by deception, and ultizing a document for pecuniary benefit.

1st of their dates ended up being a man exactly who he regarding through the dating application Grindr in Summer 2016. After investing the evening on man’s home, Bumba got two debit notes – one individual, one the man’s companies – and continued a $743 paying spree together with them.

But which was just the begin.

Using the same modus operandi this amazing month, Bumba hooked up with an Auckland guy although at his quarters grabbed his bank card, which he always generate 98 purchases totalling $4846.

The exact same thirty days he found another target in Hamilton through Grindr, and took that man’s mastercard from their wallet, which he utilized for expenditures well worth $403.

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Early August that year netted a last Grindr time in Auckland, from whom the guy grabbed another bank card. Now the spend-up got $1269.

That victim turned into aware of the unauthorised purchases but had been uninformed it was their sex spouse, additionally the pair persisted observe one another.

In March 2017 that people visited the South Island and while he was down there Bumba produced purchases on a different sort of credit in Auckland, and started profile with Vodafone and 2 grade Mobile, taking on credit in excess of $3000.

The guy found and stole another Auckland victim’s cards from a bedside table in Oct 2016. Then your after thirty days he used the matchmaking application Hornet to meet another victim, whom he watched many times within the appropriate months.

Bumba swiped US$1100 (about NZ$1645) in profit from that man’s bedside drawer and had gotten his credit card details. On that celebration the actual only real purchase is a $20 Vodafone top-up.

At the beginning of 2017 yet another prey was operating. His bank card details are taken down by Bumba and 110 shopping of dinners, telephone credit score rating and transfer service totalling $5662 accompanied – all without utilization of the real credit.

In March 2018 Bumba put Grindr to track down another prey. Bumba booked a bedroom on Astelia resort in Wellington plus it got here they fulfilled.

Afterwards, while that guy was taking a shower, Bumba photographed their driver’s permit. The guy afterwards attemptedto use the facts from that license to try to get memberships with a car or truck rental service and credit cards. These were declined but applications for Vodafone and 2 Degrees profile showed easier to get. He racked upwards debts greater than $3000 to them.

Close mistakes happened right after, with Bumba’s flatmate in Auckland hence flatmate’s nephew as victims.

Before Bumba turned to swindling boys he cheated his very own grandma – who had elevated your since he had been eight years old – if you take this lady eftpos cards and taking place a purchasing spree towards the melody of $1784 between August and October in 2015.

Their grandma was in medical center at that time, and simply heard bout how it happened whenever she got on.

And earlier in the day, in March 2015, Bumba and an associate received a fake loan via GE Money, that has been deposited into his Kiwibank bank-account.

The bank obtained on discrepancies when you look at the loan application and documents as well as the majority of the funds comprise returned to GE cash before Bumba and his awesome pal have to be able to spend they.

In court, Bumba’s attorney tag Sturm said his customer have been ready to be involved in corrective justice group meetings together with his victims and had came across with one, in which he previously received «a good-sized responses».

Sturm furthermore alluded to distressing occasions in Bumba’s last that had assisted to profile their present situations, however these weren’t expanded on in court.

«This defendant has not yet have it easy in daily life,» he mentioned.

As Judge Kim Saunders mentioned whenever sentencing Bumba, while their history might help to explain their behaviour, it failed to excuse they.

No target got offered where the guy could serve a sentence of home or area detention, very prison had been the only real possible end result.