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South Korea’s Jeju Shinhwa World Casino begins Manhunt as $13 Million ‘Missing’

Published on: January 8, 2021, 07:31h.

Final updated on: 8, 2021, 10:59h january.

Police in the South Korean tourist area of Jeju are searching a member of staff of Landing International’s Jeju Shinhwa World. That’s after the Hong Kong-based operator reported US$13.38 million in Korean banknotes had opted lacking from a casino safe.

The missing Korean won banknotes would consider over 617 pounds. as a whole, which implies the amount of money could nevertheless be from the area. (Image: Bloomberg)

South Korean news agency Yonhap states that the feminine Malaysian employee responsible for the bucks left for a secondary before xmas and it is now incommunicado. The income belongs to Landing Global.

The situation is mystifying because a large sum of money could be hefty and extremely tough to transport.

In accordance with Yonhap, 291,200 bills that are 50,000-won lacking, which will fill around 12 apple bins. The weight that is total of banknotes could be a lot more than 617 pounds.

Police believe it is extremely most likely the funds remains regarding the area due to the trouble of transporting it undetected via airports or seaports. Nonetheless, they do say all possibilities are being kept by them available.

Protection Footage Wiped

Police told Yonhap that safety footage through the right period of the theft was indeed erased. They suspect at the least two perpetrators had been included due to the bulkiness associated with the money.

But a study into the Korean Times quotes one officer whom stated the amount of money did actually have already been bought out a period of seven to eight months.

Exposed in 2018, Jeju Shinwa World is an casino that is enormous location, comprising resorts, a few theme areas, a waterpark, and a K-Pop themed activity center. As with every but one South Korean casino, it’s foreigner-only, which means that locals are forbidden from gambling.

Where’s Bill?

It’s perhaps not unusual for casino workers to get lacking with considerable amounts of money. In September 1992, a cashier that is mild-mannered the Stardust sportsbook in vegas, Bill Brennant, finished up his shift at meal as always. He swung their case over their neck, casually stated goodbye to his peers, and headed for the exit, in the same way he did every single day.

Except with this specific time, Brennant’s’ bag had been filled with $500,000 associated with the casino’s money, worth around $1 million today. Brennant disappeared into nothing, not to be viewed once again.

In July this current year, Las vegas, nevada Sands Corp settled case with a disgruntled roller that is high advertised that workers of their Marina Bay Sands home in Singapore had transmitted $6.5 million of their funds to many other casino clients he didn’t know without their authorization.

In September, LVS hired an attorney to research worker transfers of greater than $1 billion in gamblers’ money to 3rd events.

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