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Some time ago, many people announced into the globe they own “doubts about my Ethiopiawinet” as a result of the information of my regular commentaries.

They produced no proof, maybe not a word that is single to aid their claim of question. They mistook my relentless opposition to lack of Ethiopiawinet to their rule. But my reaction to them had been quintessentially this: “You may take the kid away from Ethiopia however you cannot just take the EthiopiaWINet out of this child.”

I don’t want to sound fussy, but We demanded evidence of my shortage of Ethiopiawinet or an apology. I acquired neither. Real this: Hope springs eternal into the breast that is human an apology.

I have been divinely blessed for me, speaking and writing about Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people is a passion, a sacred duty for which. We compose not merely for the current generation but additionally generations in the future. They are my chronicles of that time period of discomfort and suffering regarding the Ethiopian individuals from a very long distance as I have observed them.

But my brothers Lemma Megerssa and Teodros (Teddy Afro) Kassahun, Gedu Andargachew, your self and thus numerous teenagers, including those that took part in the current “Peace Festival” have articulated Ethiopiawinet better than I ever could.

Lemma said Ethiopiawinet is an addiction [deep passion]. It’s within the heart of the Ethiopian. He said if there clearly was a way to open the hearts and minds of Ethiopians, what’s going to be located is our unity in Ethiopiawinet. He stated, “Ethiopians are like sergena teff collected together, milled together and consumed together.

Gedu Andargachew said, “Ethiopiawinet is unity, togetherness and respect for every other.”

Teddy Afro sang Ethiopiawinet: “Before [I] finish having to pay her [Ethiopia] for many her favors/ must not individuals say [shout out] “Unity” if they hear[the true name] Ethiopia/ Ethiopia! Ethiopia! My country!/ Isn’t my honor due to you?

Also children that are little are singing the joys of Ethiopiawinet. Yesterday they chant, “Ethiopia existed. Ethiopia exists today. Ethiopia will exist the next day as well as the time after tomorrow. Ethiopia shall occur forever.” It brought rips to my eyes whenever I saw these small children scarcely 7 or 8 years old performing in church, “Selam (Peace) for Ethiopia. Comfort for our nation. May our God that is merciful send comfort.”

If you ask me Ethiopiawinet is in fact the mankind of this social individuals of Ethiopia.

During my really speech that is first 2006, We defined our Ethiopiawinet as an ailment ordained by God: “We are above all Ethiopians, one individuals, woven by the hand associated with the Almighty to the many stunning cultural mosaic on the planet. Look in the Holy Bible. Try looking in the Holy Q’uran. The learned scholars tell us that Ethiopia and Ethiopians are mentioned into the Holy Bible a minimum of thirty-three times, so that as several times within the Holy Q’uran.”

After your message, you said, “Ethiopians residing abroad and Ethiopians residing here, we have to forgive one another through the base of your hearts.”

We accept your counsel. We no more hold grudges against people who attempted to de-Ethiopianize me personally and delegitimize my unrelenting rights that are human in Ethiopia by claiming they usually have “doubts” about my Ethiopiawinet. We forgive them through the base of my heart for doubting my Ethiopiawinet and apologize in their mind through the base of my heart when they feel We doubted theirs.

Ethiopia’s youth united can be defeated never

The hopes are had by you, aspirations and fantasies associated with youth in the hands. They truly are seeking to you to definitely save them.

I will be proud to express We have for ages been concerned and extremely vocal in regards to the discomfort and suffering of Ethiopia’s youth.

For the previous nearly 13 years, We have announced my absolute self-confidence in Ethiopia’s youth. In my own September 17, 2016 interview that is amharic Reeyot Alemu (start clip at 14 minutes), I defended my view unapologetically.

We have constantly considered myself a “Chee-Hippo”.

In June 2010, this is the way I described the specific situation of Ethiopia’s youth:

The wretched conditions of Ethiopia’s youth point out the fact these are generally a ticking time bomb that is demographic. The data of youth frustration, discontent, disillusionment and discouragement by the protracted crisis that is economic lack of financial possibilities and governmental repression is manifest, overwhelming and irrefutable. The yearning of youth for freedom and change is self-evident. The question that is only whether or not the country’s youth will look for modification through increased militancy or by other calm means.

In 2018, i will be relieved they have selected the road of nonviolence and calm opposition.

Within my February 2011 commentary, I declared Africa youth that is’s can’t ever be beaten caffmos community reviews. As Gandhi stated, “Strength will not result from real capacity”, nor does it result from weapons, tanks and planes. “It arises from an indomitable might.”

In 2013, We declared, “My slogan has been and keeps, ‘Ethiopia’s youth united can’t ever be beaten. Capacity to Ethiopia’s youth!’”

We have never ever, ever doubted that Ethiopia’s youth united can never ever be beaten.

We declared 2013 “Year of Ethiopia’s Cheetah Generation” and urged that Ethiopia’s youth to lead the dialogue that is national search of a road to calm modification and reconciliation.

In my own January 2014 commentary, We published, “Within my view, the situation of 21st Century Ethiopia is quintessentially the difficulty of Ethiopian youth.”

I’ve on many occasions professed my abiding faith when you look at the charged energy of Ethiopia’s youth to change their nation and take control of these destiny.

I’ve delivered Ethiopia’s Cheetahs a“Message that is special a Bottle” from thousands of kilometers throughout the oceans, “You are created free! You have to live free! You are condemned become free!”

We declared Ethiopia’s Cheetah Generation may be the only generation that could save Ethiopia through the metal claws of T-TPLF tyranny and dictatorship.

I think current history has vindicated my total faith in Ethiopia’s Cheetahs.

Nelson Mandela observed, “Our kids are our best treasure. They truly are our future. People who abuse them tear during the textile of our society and weaken our country.”

We have always thought Ethiopia’s youth are Ethiopia’s best treasure, nevertheless they had been constantly at extreme danger, and thus is the continuing future of the nation. Ethiopia’s greatest treasures have now been ignored, mistreated, wasted and squandered.

Having said all that, i need to additionally confess that We have despaired about Ethiopia’s future offered the state of governmental and facts that are social. Hearing and reading reports of university graduates without jobs or technically trained people that are young to prepare cobblestones is depressing for me. It really is painful to know about teenagers dropping victim to all types of vice, drugs along with other kinds of ethical corruption. Through all of this fog, it had been hard to start to see the sparkling pints of light – the Lemma Megerssas, Abiy Ahmeds, Eskinder Negas, Andualem Aragies, Emawayish Alemu and Reeyot Alemus and thus others that are many.