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Introducing Hikvision US The worlda€™s largest video surveillance manufacturer

ESSENTIAL! This model requires non-standard firmware. Cannot Install regular firmware (example. v.4.1.xx) with this unit. Performing this will forever damage your system. You should need custom made firmware v.4.1.25 through the iDS-9632NXI-I8/16S items page.

Look at the more upgraded type of this document here:

The I-series NVR (for instance the DS-7716NI-I4) is one of Hikvision’s most popular and feature-rich recorders. As a result, numerous firmware revisions happen launched over time to constantly ensure the goods works with the newest development available. Because of the numerous changes, we recommend that an individual directly pursue the guidance below in order to lower the amount of time spent in addition to the chance for problems.

Database Optimization and Repair

Much more affordable internet protocol address digital cameras include launched in time with greater videos solution and data dimensions, far better databases control also is needed. The development of firmware v4.0 created another databases structure in order to be futureproof.

After improving to v4.X, the recorder databases will need to be changed and optimized. If you’re having dilemmas in which playback is anticipated yet not located, guarantee «Database restoration» is completed as shown when you look at the procedures and circumstances below.

Planning the improvement

Before continuing with upgrade, it is strongly suggested that NVR setup document is actually exported Sloto Cash casino from the NVR throughout the system or on to a local USB drive.

Upgrading from v3.4.92 build 170518 or earlier

  1. All recorders must get to v3.4.92 before proceeding furthermore. Updating from models before v3.4.92 right to any version of v4.X will most likely cause the recorder to give up.
  2. If the recorder is at v3.4.92, the full manufacturing plant standard is extremely ideal before upgrading to almost any version of v4.X. There can be a high probability of product breakdown (needing RMA) if device is not defaulted before upgrade.
  3. After attaining v3.4.92 and doing a full plant default, an update directly to v4.50.00 is actually appropriate.
  4. Following the upgrade is finished additionally the recorder was reprogrammed, it may be beneficial to play a databases fix. For facts, consider the section «Database Optimization and repairs» above.
  5. To verify fix advancement, you may reference the HDD position, or search the recorder record for restoration began and stopped entries. Keep in mind that even though the HDD is actually repairing, newer recordings continue to be being made, many present tracks might not be searchable until fix is finished.
  6. In the event that you continue to notice playback dilemmas after databases repair, guarantee there are not any electricity, system, or motion discovery dilemmas. If the issue persist, get in touch with tech support team.

Updating from Any v4.X Build to v4.50.00.

  1. Any v4.X acquire may be upgraded directly to v4.50.00.
  2. Export configuration is extremely recommended before carrying out the improvement.
  3. If updating from any v4.X variation that has been not v4.22.005, a Database Repair is advised. Make reference to step and onwards in the previous part.


Downgrading is not suggested. As a result of additional features and details consistently getting put, downgrading could potentially cause the NVR to factory standard alone or require a manual standard to work precisely.

View the more upgraded form of this document here:K-Series DVR upgrade instructionThe Turbo 4 crossbreed DVR K-series enjoys multiple products and across various system and chipset. Additionally enjoys comparable firmware improvement more record manufacturer product line; DVR K-series has additionally introduced the GUI4.0 to be sure the series are suitable towards the most recent technology offered. The latest databases design can also be delivered to the DVR firmware v4.0 getting potential proof and also for much better recording lookup experiences.

Database Optimization and Repair

Much more affordable cameras introduced as time passes with greater videos resolution and facts dimensions, more cost-effective database management furthermore is needed. The development of firmware v4.0 brought on a fresh databases design to be futureproof.After updating to v4.X, the recorder database will need to be converted and optimize. If you are having problem, in which playback is expected yet not receive, please make sure to carry out «Database Rebuild» as shown during the methods and scenarios below.

Preparing the improve

Before proceeding with improvement, its recommend exporting DVR setup file from DVR on top of the network or to a regional USB drive.

Action after firmware upgraded

1. Upgrade the DVR according to research by the chart over.

2. Reconfirming Channel’s Recording Schedule

– verify channel’s recording timetable is enable.

– verify that the station is found on correct recording plan.

3. Double-check Storage Space Place

– ensure all station become allotted to capture on the HDD class whenever space environment is actually under people function.

4. Complete Databases Rebuild locally.

a€? Some type above support Database Rebuild via web access – K51 and K72

a€? do databases Rebuild no matter if method is having any database concern sign.

a€? Database Rebuild processes was normal

30 to 60min per TB. The method can still may differ depends tracking data.

a€? After Database Rebuild – inspect wood to confirm Database Rebuild possess moved through correctly.

a€? If databases Rebuild underway and Stopped log has been sign only within couple of minutes. Databases rebuild may not has been completed effectively. Its strongly recommend performing the databases Rebuild once again.

a€? to test sign > program > Log > Suggestions > databases Rebuild going and quit.

a€? When the sign option is unavailable – access system via SSH may acquire comparable consequences.

5. Recording information is nevertheless missing out on after databases rebuild processes.

In the event that data is not recorded or happens to be overwritten, Database rebuild process is not able retrieve those shed information. Have the program enhanced into the current readily available firmware variation above to avoid any future information lost try strongly suitable for all program.

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