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Hassle free car finance. From keyword run the mortgage has been straight forward.

In addition in a position to bring holiday from costs while COVID-19 was ongoing.

Abysmal Support, Service and Communications

Locked of accounts without alert and advised the only method to fix should call them. Also known as all of them even so they wouldn’t communicate with me as they informed me my personal time of beginning had not been exactly like that to my a. find out more

Secured away from levels with no warning and informed the only method to fix is to call them. Also known as all of them but they wouldn’t consult with me while they told me my personal day of delivery was not the same as that back at my accounts.

Absolutely mystifying deciding on I supplied a passport etcetera to start the accounts and that I understand the go out I found myself produced. This raises biggest questions around whether they is complying with their anti money-laundering responsibilities as though they are certainly not examining the details of ID’s offered whenever beginning records after that exactly how will they be confirming and transcribing the non-public information included therein? Where gets the wrong DOB originate from? Just how was actually this confirmed by bank’s inner steps and why keeps it not already been simply checked and rectified resistant to the present information they currently keep? Exactly what otherwise need they had gotten completely wrong and just what could be the consequences? If they can’t have a DOB right from simple records provided meant for opening a free account, what the heck will they be able to acquiring completely wrong?

And not only this, however their shoddy internal ways do nothing to audit, examine or check always they’ve got properly complied employing legal responsibilities in transcribing/verifying the info offered. This is exactly in some way remaining toward visitors to do as a “third celebration that has had hit a brick wall protection” giving the correct suggestions which they is hesitant to make sure that against her tips.

Had myself questioning my sanity then her customer service constantly slopey shouldered us to several other divisions (on hold for over an hour). Was actually advised that they wouldn’t normally speak to myself about such a thing (membership, SAR, making a problem, rectifying the problem with proper ID (passport I experienced handy)) and that I should devote some time to choose a branch to try and solve it there.

I have huge questions over our facts and exactly how it’s handled at Santander. The accuracy associated with the information is demonstrably incorrect and I also posses called the Investment Ombudsman while the ICO towards concern.

Santander mentioned that I became inquiring issues a fraudster would however i did son’t request completely any username and passwords (we provided them that on mobile (like individual ID rates , protection numbers, pins) but once more to no get). I queried where I’d assented that a DOB (inaccurate or perhaps on their system) was to be used as an access agreement provided the many other details I got at hand. I cannot recognize how the DOB might vary from the paperwork We initially supplied in setting-up the account or precisely why that facts couldn’t be checked.

They would not look at the account resources up against the ID accustomed install the make up reasons unknown. In addition refused to give brands of just who I found myself speaking to or even take the thing I got claiming severely.

I became merely advised that when I was locked out from the accounts (which I have not withdrawn from so it holds a really big sum of cash) I quickly had both:

> registered the pin / passcode wrongly 3 x (You will find never put a passcode and simply utilize a fingerprint for the app); or

> a tremendously large sum of cash had been withdrawn from profile.

.. I can not make certain there has been no deceptive activity throughout the membership because You will find not a way of being able to access it nevertheless they posses immensely important that living cost savings may be missing.

Produces an enjoyable day off efforts the next day trying to work through her absolutely abysmal blunders. They also asserted that it was extremely unlikely that branch should be able to solve this kind of problems the next day!

This is exactly in a large ISA this sorts of ineptitude may potentially set you back a property!

I can not know how banking institutions can legitimately secure you through your account without any type of communications (also a page toward membership holder or a message explaining that a password reset or close is). Alternatively I’m when you look at the condition where I don’t know if You will find destroyed the money I obtain and I have had simply no help from Santander.

When remedied I will be closing this profile. BEWARE.