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Baby Wishes: things to Write in an infant Shower Card

Of the many types of events you will find, child showers are just about the sweetest. Therefore the cutest. Together with almost certainly to include socks that are impossibly tiny. Whenever you’re invited to a celebration this pleased, you’ll surely desire to come prepared—not just with a present, but additionally along with your warmest desires in an infant bath card.

Whenever you go to signal an infant bath card, there’s a pressure that is little added since your card is going to be read out or passed away around among visitors. And following the bath, it is probably be read and keep-saked again. But don’t perspiration it—there are loads of things you can easily compose that may increase the joy for the event. Into the guidelines and a few some ideas that follow, we hope you’ll find some motivation that fits your thing perfectly.


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Simple Wishes

Children are quick and sweet, as well as your baby desires can be, too


  • “So pleased for you personally.”
  • “Wishing best wishes for your needs as well as your baby-to-be.”
  • “Wishing you times that are sweet…”
  • “Can’t delay to meet up with child!”
  • “Your household is mostly about getting even cuter.”
  • “Blessings to infant and also you.”
  • “Praying for a secure and healthier distribution for both you and child.”

Professional tip: Steal these messages most of the exact same desires you might compose in a child congratulations card additionally work very well in a child bath card. Take a look at this infant congrats article even for more message ideas.

Funny Desires

If you’re somebody who loves to joke around, and the parents-to-be is known by you well, it is fine to get lighter (if not lol funny) along with your baby shower celebration message.


  • “Have a baby that is nice. ”
  • “Don’t stress. It becomes easier following the very very very first 18 years.”
  • “Hello, sweet child days…Bye-bye, big evenings away!”
  • “So many exciting modifications ahead…Most are going to be sweet, many will soon be stinky and need eight infant wipes and an entire brand new ensemble.”
  • “Awww…I can’t wait to see just what a little-bitty you-guys is going to check like.”
  • “Sleep all that you can before infant comes. In reality, don’t get up for any such thing in short supply of labor.”
  • “Wow, Smith Baby no. 4! You dudes can say for certain what can cause them, appropriate?”

Professional tip: Know your market you may place your funny writing concept through the fantastic Grandma Test before you compose it in your card. It likely to shock and scandalize Great Grandma if it’s read aloud, is? Whenever in question, back pull it and tone it down.

Focus on the Present

Because presents are such a large element of infant showers, it will make sense that is perfect your private message might reference your gift in some manner.


  • “Be warned: I very nearly passed away of cuteness overload whenever I had been wrapping your present.”
  • “So very happy to ‘shower’ you with a couple of fun things for infant!”
  • “I don’t know much about children, but i am hoping the present card shall help you purchase one thing you should use.”
  • “I think you’re likely to like the things I got you—it’s directly from your own registry!”
  • “Hoping this present will be handy for you personally. When my young ones had been little, it had been a lifesaver.”
  • “Yay! Therefore pleased to share in your shower and bring a something that is little assist you gear up for child.”
  • “We wished to ensure you get everything required, therefore we all chipped in about this. Enjoy!”

Professional Suggestion: Explain your self when your present is a household treasure, or it’s great to mention that in your card, too if it’s handmade with love.