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Assessment & Eligibility for Fulltime Undergraduates. Needy NUS full-time undergrad kids have got a variety of aid solutions to them, contains

· Submitting ONE Financial Aid software to NUS staying regarded as for any NUS scholarships or grants offer, which include financing and bursaries to protect tuition prices and bills, and bursaries to specifically protect hostel and/or Residence school charges

· posting independent apps for outside programs to pay for their particular training rates

· posting different applications other specific strategies

Educational funding recipients may also request for a single NUS graduate help financing top-up should they have to have even more advice about the purchase of a laptop.

College students examining Concurrent diploma shows aren’t going entitled to the NUS educational funding bundle for Undergraduate Children, after they include charged grad college tuition expenses. In a similar fashion, grad youngsters commonly qualified to apply for the NUS educational funding offer for Undergraduate pupils.

World pupils that aren’t offered the MOE college tuition Grant or turned down the MOE Tuition offer may also be not just qualified to receive all NUS-administered/co-administered money for college plans.

More details are supplied directly below.

Needy NUS full-time undergrad youngsters can submit ONE Financial Aid software to NUS from 1 March to 1 April from year to year being thought to be for NUS school funding plan, your coming educational yr in August. The package includes money (repayable) and bursaries/grants (non-repayable economic honors) which address training charges and bills. Both latest and potential pupils can put on; prospective kids can put on after asking for entry, around they are beginning her undergrad studies. Global youngsters who aren’t provided the MOE college tuition offer or turned down the MOE university fees give are not qualified to receive all NUS-administered/co-administered educational funding programs.

Qualifications for the NUS college funds bundle will depend on the applicant’s:

· Gross domestic earnings or GHI, which is the absolute monthly gross household returns of relatives into the residence; or

· Per Capita profit or PCI, the GHI split because of the wide range of family relations during the residence

Your are eligible for the NUS college funds system if you’ve been granted and also not just refused the MOE Tuition Grant (TG) for one’s undergraduate learning and therefore are:

· a Singapore resident (SC) or Singapore lasting citizen (SPR) of PCI ? S$2,700; or

· a global Student (is actually) of PCI ? S$1,200

However, SCs and SPRs possess certainly not become granted or need declined the MOE TG are eligible to try to get the NUS learn finance.

You could be considered your correct techniques after you make an application for the NUS scholarships or grants Package (apply below ).

*The in depth qualifications and annual measure for particular sets of youngsters may vary for individual schemes, and can be located with the particular webpages for every single strategy.

NUS full-time undergraduate pupils can submit split services your after plans from July to August to additional firms should they demand much more aid to pay for their tuition costs.

Yearly Measure for Full-time Undergraduates*

*The in-depth qualification and yearly measure for payday loans Wyoming particular sets of youngsters will vary for individual systems, might be found inside the specific websites every design.

There are various other strategies readily available needy NUS regular undergraduate pupils demanding distinct software.

Bursaries Concerning Community Service

Bursaries & Personal loans addressing price of engagement in offshore workshops

Bursaries Administered by Exterior Organsations

Processing Alumni Aid Award & Home Computers Student Advancement Fund NUSSU College Students’ Account Bursary & Book Awards

SkillsFuture loan for charge of undergraduate system university fees costs by Singapore individuals aged twenty five years aged and earlier and examining undergraduate courses passed by WDA, info at

College students who happen to be browsing Concurrent Degree shows are not eligible for the NUS scholarships or grants offer for Undergraduate Children, once they is billed graduate college tuition charges.

Likewise, grad pupils may not be qualified to apply for the NUS school funding deal for undergrad youngsters.

Both types of youngsters should go to Graduate research Admissions page on grants and financial aid for graduate youngsters.