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9 heritage shocks Us citizens have actually for the Czech Republic

1. You’ll sometimes eat treat for dinner.

From the the first occasion my number mom served me ovocne knedliky — fluffy dumplings full of fruits (usually fruits, or plums), topped with melted butter, powdered sugar, and a side of bad solution. After which discover palacinky, their unique version of pancakes/crepes, which are often offered savory yet still taste nice in my opinion. These dishes tend to be completely appropriate meal alternatives, and aided me personally not believe so embarrassed at creating a slice of meal for dinner sporadically.

2. you want to don slippers inside the house.

Perhaps not barefoot, rather than also socked ft — every person in my variety family members had their pair of slippers or an independent couple of “house boots” which they changed into whenever they arrived inside. It had been a comfortable way for them to work throughout the house, but I happened to be so accustomed to dressed in my footwear for hours at any given time this grabbed plenty of adjusting to. Czechs won’t are having issues requesting to take out your footwear, and might even have slippers for visitors, but it’s one thing to bear in mind (keep a pair of clothes to you when the thought of ‘community slippers’ freaks you out).

3 You might discover group wear barely nothing inside.

I got towards steel myself sometimes when visiting the homes of friends, knowing that more than one of their family unit members might be scantily clad. Maybe not in a hot method, mind you, but there have been fathers who had no issues seated regarding the household in just a container very top and underpants, and moms whom prepared morning meal within slides, and toddlers playing around nude, or wearing t-shirts but no trousers. While we noticed unpleasant initially, I had to think about my own personal traditions — how many times performed we walk-around during my underwear when no body ended up being house? Like, all of the time. Czechs are not as obsessed with looks graphics like Us americans is.

4. you are going to drink much more beer than h2o.

Ordering an alcohol at a restaurant is a much less expensive alternative than buying water in bottles (certain areas won’t provide tap), which was both interesting and alarming in my situation, since I have was utilized to purchasing alcohol best on special occasions back. I was a beer drinker automatically, and in the morning happier because of it.

5. Possible however smoke cigarettes inside.

Brand new guidelines provides diners and pubs to allow for smoking cigarettes inside as long as they therefore decide. Inspite of the extra touristy places breaking down, you’ll however look for a majority of bars tend to be smokey and a few actually let you get smokes from behind the counter. At first I became delayed by these areas, but smoking in fact assisted me personally are more personal in Prague, especially when there was a difficult difficult. I don’t fumes anymore, but being able to do so in public areas actually assisted myself make new buddies in a unique town.

6. You might find a police puffing a joint.

Pot statutes are pretty comfortable in the Czech Republic. a cop might pretend to bust the balls about holding weed, then establish just how cool he or she is and inquire your for lighting. And you’re prone to get fined for promoting grass than smoking they, but once again, it is doing the discretion of the officer. Seeing a cop regarding the streets of Prague is a rare occurrence anyhow, therefore I never had a concern cigarette weed in public areas.

7. You’ll have a story upon asking, “How are you presently?”

it is simple for Us citizens to greet some other Us citizens with, “Hi, just how are you presently?” once you understand we won’t actually obtain a reply apart from, “Good, thanks a lot.” But this exact same question in Prague given myself with increased suggestions than I wanted to know:

Tesco cashier: “Oh, you realize, my cat passed away last night.”

Barista: “i will be upset. My personal favorite sweater shrank within the clean, and I also was required to stand on the longest waiting line on markets today. Not only that, nevertheless they raised the price of dairy without informing individuals, now we must transform our pricing and, and…”

Best friend: “I’m not too close, i’ve diarrhea.”

8. You’ll skills some 90s flashbacks.

I imagined I was browsing merge European-style with my dark colored skinny jeans, black sweaters and organized boots/jackets. Tiny did i am aware that numerous Czechs prefer the styles in the 1990s, thus I nonetheless stuck completely as a tourist a number of areas. It absolutely was unusual in the beginning to see numerous mullets, light-denim jeans, and bamboo (it was before 90s trends started initially to become popular again). All of the bars and organizations played hits from 90s, plus some of my buddies nevertheless got dial-up or cable modems. However the 90s happened to be awesome, anytime I happened to be likely to live in a period of time warp, at least the Czechs selected a good one.

9. You’ll see exactly how small group care about faith.

Though it’s regarded as “rude” to speak about religion in the USA, every person does it anyhow. And I also dislike that the our very own primary governmental decisions are often predicated on Christianity too (you never listen to a law passed away considering a Jewish, Buddhist, or Muslim philosophy). However with more than 60per cent Czech people considering by themselves getting irreligious, I didn’t have to worry about discussing my very own opinions to my buddies and members of the family. Everything I thought has also been worthwhile was how someone however decided to go to chapel, or famous Hanukah, because they sensed considerably spiritual or nostalgic, than compelled. It’s a truly progressive way of thinking about contemporary faith.